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Plastic Worx Group

The Plastic Worx Group currently consists of 4 entities: Plastic Worx limited liability company (formerly Plastic Worx Polska Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.), as well as companies: Dutch Plastic Worx Nederland BV, British Plastic Worx UK LTD and German RWD Plastic & Logistics GmbH.

Moreover, in 2015, together with the Dutch partner Van Werven Plastic Recycling Holding B.V., we established two companies: Plastic Worx Van Werven Sp. z o.o. and Van Werven Poland Sp z o.o. The purpose of the companies is to build and manage the largest and most competitive recycling plant for hard plastic waste.


The Plastic Worx Group started its business in 2002. From the beginning, the company headquarters was in Krakow. Currently, the company’s offices are located in a modern office building at ul. Zakopiańska 177. We also have an office in Krosno and company offices in: Netherlands – in Biddinghuizen, in Great Britain – in Stockport and in Germany – in Moers.
The first area of the company’s activity was the so-called mobile milling, i.e. a service consisting in grinding plastic crates. This service is particularly addressed to beverage manufacturers, such as breweries. The next years, up until today, have involved the dynamic development of the whole group. Each year brings an increase in employment (about 750 people in the past year), as well as expansions into new areas. To name just a few; the company can boast of its activity in the scope of comprehensive service of recycling plants in several European countries, warehouse logistics, support of production processes and many other areas of business. You can get a detailed description of our current services offer HERE, or by contacting the company’s headquarters in Krakow.
The company’s motto is:

“Nobody is perfect, but a team can be.”

We believe that a harmonious team is the basis of our success, with creative ideas and the experience each of us brings along. Therefore, our projects are always carried out reliably and with full commitment – so as to meet your expectations.
In the Company History tab, we presented our achievements and important events from the history of the Plastic Worx Group. We invite you to read these materials and to cooperate!

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